Mr Pongle

What? What did you say?

Mr. Pongle and Dennis walked along through the park, oblivious to the death and destruction around. They wandered through the wasteland that once was the 6 towns area. Dennis recalled the names of all six, whereas Mr. Pongle couldn't care any less.

As they walked Pongle commented on the weather and what a lovely summer it is being. Dennis thought Pongle was a c&nt. Pongle enjoyed Dennis' company; being a cat Mr. Pongle didn't know how Dennis felt towards him.

Anyway, they wandered through the Hell that was the 6 towns area looking for The Captain. The Captain was the highest point of wisdom on the highest branch of the tallest wisdom tree ever. She was wise.

Dennis had f&cked off somewhere and now Pongle was alone on his quest for the wise Captain.

After many days of travelling in a fairly decent sized 4-5 metre circle Pongle was hopelessly lost in a house which had never been not there before. He went into the kitchen, baked himself some fried kale salad and had a nap on the kitchen table. He awoke suddenly to discover The Captain standing over him shouting all sorts of nonsense about marbles and pesto. Pongle had finished his quest.

"Well done. Welcome to the Mr Pongle Website."